Haven Art Studio (HAS) was started with much dreaming and prayer.

Darlene Randolph, the co-founder of HAS, was a wife of a pastor; together with her husband Greg, they were pastoring a small community church in a semi-isolated mountain-valley in the upper part of northern California. She was also the mother of a very competitive son and 4 beautiful daughters. All were *home schooled* and, like their mother, were all very artistic.

1988, after years of being a commercial artist for several small businesses; earning minimal wages to help with family bills, Darlene became artistically BURNT OUT. It was at this time that Darlene and Greg began to pray together about her dreams of having her own unique art studio. During that season of prayer they came up with 5 keys words that would become the purposes of HAS: Inspirational, Innovative, Educational, Entertaining and Avocation.

From 1988 to 1993  Darlene educated herself by taking college business classes and certified programs for women business owners.

In 1991 she gave birth to her final child, another very artistic son. But, another child was forming in *the womb of her dreams*. In 1995 she gave birth to Haven Art Studio.

The first challenge for a pastor's wife having her own artistic ministry was the scale, scope and reach, along with the unique concepts. This was much larger than what the little denominational church she was part of could ever *cover*. So, it was decided that she would launch out with a parachurch artistic ministry available to many church groups and denominations. The studio would be  supported mostly by the sales of products and services from the business.

[we will be adding to this narrative so come back for more of the story]